Our Instructors


Jeff has served as a police officer in Western Missouri and Northern Illinois for 15 years. He has worked in the Patrol division as a Police Officer/Deputy, and as a Detective with a primary role in plain clothes Narcotics Investigations.

During his career, he has been an instructor for the range program teaching long gun, handgun, low light, vehicle assaults, and CQB. Due to his plain clothes assignments he has focused on concealed carry and covert tactics.

Jeff brings his knowledge and experience to the classes, as well as a desire to help people become better-trained, improved shooters.


Jeremy started his shooting career at 15 years old when he was recruited by the Illinois Junior Precision Shooters. In just over three months, under the instruction of Olympic Silver Medalist James C Hagearty II, he became a Double Distinguished Expert by completing both the NRA Pistol Qualification and the NRA Conventional Bullseye Pistol Qualification. Later that same year, he placed 5th in the Illinois State Outdoor Junior Precision Pistol Competition.

At 16, he became an Apprentice Pistol Instructor and began teaching alongside James at Triton College as well as with Brian Kapnick at Marksmanship Training Group. Before long, he wanted to diversify his teaching skills beyond just basic pistol. He became an Assistant Rifle and Shotgun Instructor at age 18, and a Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home instructor, as well as a Chief Range Safety Officer at 21. He was also one of the first in the Midwest to obtain the new NRA CCW Instructor Certification.

In addition to his pursuit to teach others, he never stops learning. He frequently takes classes from highly distinguished instructors Bob Houzenga and Andy Kemp, and he brings what he learns back to the students he teaches.


Todd Richardson is a United States Army veteran and has served as a police officer in northern Illinois for over 33 years. He has worked assignments in the patrol and investigations divisions where he was promoted from officer to detective to patrol sergeant. Todd was a range instructor for his department for 20 years where he developed the patrol carbine program for the department. Todd was also assigned to the departments SWAT team for nearly 20 years. As such he held positions on the entry team, as a sniper observer and was promoted to assistant team leader in charge of operations. During his career, Todd has always been passionate about training others and departed from law enforcement at the rank of Chief of Police.


Jeremy has been a practitioner and instructor in martial arts and self-defense for over 30 years. Jeremy achieve some of the highest levels in rank for the arts of Brazilian jujitsu karate muay Thai judo wrestling and Kali / Escrima. Through his search of progression in self-defense the natural evolution to him laws and firearms. With his love for teaching others to protect themselves, he went on to gain certifications to instruct in, concealed carry home defense fundamentals countering mass shooter threat and women’s handgun. Jeremy is currently a competitive shooter and pistol combat two gun, three gun and long-range shooting. Jeremy continues his training as both a student and instructor and look forward to educating the next generation in cutting edge self defense technology.


Eric Ellis is 21 year veteran Police Officer and has served on his departments SWAT team for over 19 years. During that time he has been assigned to the Sniper Unit as well as the Entry Team. Eric is currently assigned as the Team Commander for the department’s multi-jurisdictional team. Eric has also served as a firearms, Close Quarter Battle, and a Tactics instructor North East Multi-Regional Training. He holds instructor certifications in Shoot house instructor, Active Shooter Training, MACTAC, and Rescue Task Force.


Alex has served as a police officer in Northern Illinois for 15 years. He has worked in the Patrol division, as a Deputy and a Sergeant, and been a member of the department's Multi-Jurisdictional SWAT Team since 2007. During that time, he worked on the Entry Team, as a Sniper/Observer, an Assistant Team Leader, and then Team Leader before being assigned as the team's commander.

During his career he has previously been tasked with supervision of the training division, where he was the lead instructor for the range program, as well as managing the control tactics program.

His articles have been published in the Illinois Tactical Officers Association News, the National Tactical Officers Association Journal, The Tactical Edge, and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association Digest.  In addition to his law enforcement duties, he is an avid martial artist, and holds black belts in three systems, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Alex brings a great deal of operational and training experience to the courses he runs, and a passion for making people better shooters and more prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones.


Jeremy served in the Unites States Marine Corps from 1999 to 2003. During his time in the Marine Corps he attended Basic Infantry and Marine Security Forces School. His first two years were served in London, England guarding the Navel Atlantic Fleet Building. While in London he continually trained with an emphasis on Close Quarters Battle (CQB). Jeremy was selected to attended advanced CQB courses by his command in which he was responsible for training up his fellow Marines in London.

The following two years Jeremy served with 2/7 Gulf Company in Twentynine Palms, California, in which he was a team leader for his machine gun squad. He also assisted with providing lesson plans and training for new Marines in addition to training Marines who utilized machine guns as a secondary weapon system. After an 11-month deployment Jeremy was selected as the section leader for machine gunners of his weapons platoon. His remaining time was served leading training for his section before being honorably discharged. Jeremy used the following weapons while serving: M16 rifle, M9 Beretta , MP5, Remington and Mossberg shotguns, M203 grenade launcher, M240G machine gun, Mark-19 40mm machine gun, and 50 caliber machine gun.

In 2009, Jeremy joined a Northern Illinois Police Department, within 2 years of being a patrol officer he was selected for a local Northern Illinois Emergency Services Team (EST). As an EST operator he assisted with planning and conducting monthly training. Jeremy attended FBI Swat School, Midwest Counterdrug Training and multiple combat pistol and rifle classes. In 2012, Jeremy was chosen as a Range Instructor at his department. He attended the Firearms Instructor Course along with multiple pistol, rifle, and tactics classes. Later in his career, Jeremy was selected to join the D.E.A. Task Force. Currently he is the Lead Range Instructor, training new officers for patrol and assisting with defensive tactics training.

Jeremy is passionate and dedicated to teaching weapon fundamentals and tactics to promote safety and enjoyment in a challenging environment.